La Carmencita - A Story of Love, Passion & Betrayal

La Carmencita - A Story of Love, Passion & Betrayal


Date: Friday 19th of July r 07:00 pm

Address: Mercury Cafe

2821, 2199 California St, Denver, CO 80205


“La Carmencita”

A Bel Canto Legacy Production

Is an alluring semi-staged showpiece that compiles the grandest scenes of George Bizet's master piece: Carmen. The story of a stormy romance between two contrasting lovers:

Naive Soldier Don Jose lured away from his duty blindly follows a sultry femme fatal, a gypsy named Carmen, into the heights of love, misadventures and tragedy....

Enticing and spicy, “La Carmencita”: an original Bel Canto Legacy Production

 brings dance and music from to the streets of Sevilla to the stage of Windsor Gardens.

Follow the Gypsy enchantment into this show about those who love and live in darkness.

Expect surprises!

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